Caustic Vs John John Da Don

Caustic 3 - 0

Caustic was on fire. FIRE. JJDD had some really nice lines. Shang Tsung, Amy Winehouse/Anna Nicole Smith.
But Caustic was just on another level that night. He was consistent, had some insane angles. Had some baarrrrs and some funny moments. If you want a more indepth/round by round. Click through!

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Some food for thought.

With this new blog, I’m looking to do a few new things.

I’m really interested in doing some interviews with battle rappers.
I’ll keep you posted though, and I’d love for some user submitted questions.
Although I have a shit ton of things I’d love to ask a shit ton of people.

Intro to 2013.

Whats good?

So if you’re a new reader then yo, if you’ve found yourself here from the last blog then its cool you came back. The old blogspot has been deleted for a few reasons.

This is much easier to use.

Thats about it. Embedding videos, talking to readers (through the ask box). General day to day actions are much easier. I can also find loads of stuff that I can add to the blog of other peoples opinions through other blogs which is pretty handy.

If you don’t know the gist of this then, I just post rap battles from all over the world then give my two cents. Take it for what it is.

I didn’t really save any of my inate ramblings from the last place. So this is just starting fresh. If you’d like me to revisit a certain battle. (Which I honestly don’t mind) Please feel free to drop an ask. As I love a good excuse to watch older battles. Thats it.

Just a heads up as we are now coming up to febuary.

The next few posts will be:

  • Tsu Surf Vs Conceited
  • Caustic Vs John John Da Don
  • Villun Vs Dekay
  • Flex Digits Vs Eek

I’m considering also:

  • Skelly vs Daylyt
  • Jaz The Rapper Vs QB Black Diamond

These were just at the end of 2012. But we’ll see.

Thanks for checking in, make sure you follow etc.